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Illustrations Amy Marie Stadelmann


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I love the illustrations of Amy Marie Stadelmann.

She is a designer,  artist,  and author of the Olive and Beatrix  children’s book series,  who creates whimsical breaths of fresh air with her art!   Her drawings just make me feel happy and bring up an innocence in me that is normally very deeply buried in this jaded old soul of mine.   Her illustrations cover a variety of themes,  and she even has a few anxiety related pieces that are included in the gallery I share below that I,  of course,  was immediately drawn to.

Her “Butterflies in the Stomach”  GIF was one of her first pieces that I saw and I remember thinking  “An anxiety related, rainbow and black colored GIF?  Could anything be more perfect than this?”   I am a sucker for anything that falls in any of those categories and to find an illustration that fit in all three……..sheer heaven.   It’s not easy to find anxiety themed art that makes you feel good inside,  so I really think she has a special gift.   I’m not entirely sure why she isn’t world-famous yet,  but she will be someday.  I just have a feeling.

Check out more of her wonderful illustrations and find out more about her on her Tumblr page and at her website

All illustrations on this page are property of Amy Marie Stadelman and can only be reproduced with her consent.


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