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My Review of Namaste Weighted Blankets

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Weighted blankets have been the topic of a lot of news stories lately because they have emerged as a great tool to soothe people who live with sensory disorders, and calm people who live with anxiety and insomnia issues.

If you aren’t familiar with them,  weighted blankets are blankets that have tiny little beads inside that make the blanket heavier.  The idea is that the extra weight will provide a sense of security and comfort for those who struggle to sleep, relax, or de-stimulate themselves.   Most weighted blankets that are purchased on-line are sold according to your body weight, so you can have a blanket that is designed specifically to provide the right amount of pressure, safely, to your body.

I have used a weighted blanket for a few years,  having discovered them during a previous product review,  and that blanket is one of the most popular items in my house.  In fact, I can rarely find it on my bed where it is supposed to be, because one of my four kids has usually taken it into their bed.   It is only after about 5 minutes of wheeling and dealing that I can take it back to my nest and snuggle with it for some binge-watching without feeling guilty.

So you can imagine my delight when I was approached by Namaste, a company that makes weighted blankets and sells them on-line,  and was offered a sample of one of their blankets in exchange for an honest review.   My kids were even more delighted than I was when I told them it was coming,  and immediately started calling “dibs” on who got to keep it on their bed.


First Impressions

After about a week of my kids checking the mailbox every day, the blanket arrived.  It was neatly packaged and arrived with a nice plastic zip-up case.  (Yes, the kids fought over that as well.)   I was impressed with the quality of the blanket and I noticed right away that it was different from the other weighted blanket that I owned.  This blanket was not as big as the other one and had smaller,  more concentrated pouches that hold the weighted glass beads,  giving it a less flimsy feel.  The material,  which is organic cotton, seemed nice and soft and it had a cozy feel to it.  I appreciated the fact that it seemed not only to be well made,  but it did not have any of the weird smells that can sometimes come with products you purchase on-line.


Trying it Out

I gave the blanket to my 13 year-old daughter to try the first night.  She is of a similar size to me,  so I knew the weight would be appropriate.    And because she has had experience using a weighted blanket, I knew she would be able to give me a good assessment of the plusses and minuses.   After she spent a few nights with the blanket,  I asked her what she thought, and she said that the blanket kept her warm and held in heat better compared to the one she normally used.   I asked her if anything stood out to her about her experience with the blanket and she said  “Yeah, it made me feel really safe, and I had a great night’s sleep, but that is how sleeping under weight always makes me feel, so no difference there!”

I asked her if she liked this blanket or the other one we have better,  and she said she preferred this one.

When asked why she said “because it feels more “blankety”, and the other one has a rougher texture that can be a bit distracting when I am trying to find my relaxing zone.”  I asked her what she thought about the size difference between this blanket and the other weighted blanket we own.  She said it really didn’t matter to her as long as it covered her body,  and wasn’t something she even noticed.   (The company does offer different sizing options, as well as weight options,  depending on your needs.)

The next night I tried the blanket out for myself.  I loved the way the weight was distributed compared to my other blanket.  I wouldn’t have thought it would make such a difference to have the beads more concentrated, but to me,  it really did.   I felt much more secure and relaxed under this blanket and I noticed that every part of my body could feel the weight of the blanket and I loved the sense of that pressure on me everywhere.   My other blanket is a bit spotty with where I feel the weight and I loved the general sense of overall, consistent pressure from this blanket.    It was nice.

I did get a little bit warm under the blanket but to me, that is a plus.  I am cold-blooded and usually sleep in two pairs of pajamas at once.  Being warm and under the weight of the blanket helped me sleep AMAZING.  The first thing I noticed when I woke up is that I actually remembered having dreams.   Remembering my dreams is always a sign that I have slept hard so I knew I had some quality sleep underneath that blanket.




The cost of the blanket is $179, running slightly more or less depending on the size you choose.  This price is about on par for most quality weighted blankets.   I think for the money, it’s a good buy and I like that they offer free shipping and have a great return policy.  It always helps to know you can send an item back without hassle if you change your mind, especially for something heavy like a weighted blanket.

I do not profit in any way from the sale of this blanket,  but I am happy to say that the makers of this blanket agreed to provide my readers with a 20% discount, if you choose to try it yourselves.



I am going to definitely recommend this weighted blanket.   My daughter and I both enjoyed the blanket  (much to the grumblings of the other kids, it remains on her bed to this day in the quarantine nest she made with our Yorkie)  and think that, for the money,  it is definitely a good buy and lives up to its claims to help promote a good night’s sleep and provide a sense of calm and relaxation to those who use it.







AnnaLisa Scott

One thought on “My Review of Namaste Weighted Blankets

  1. Invisibly Me

    Soft, cozy and no weird smells, sounds good enough to me! I’ve been curious about weighted blankets for quite a while now but haven’t taken the plunge primarily because of the price. It really does help to get a personal review so you know what you’re buying and can invest wisely. And I agree, that returns policy is definitely good for peace of mind. Fantastic review!
    Caz xx

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