Apps For Anxiety Distraction: #1 – Colorfly in Secret Garden

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anxiety distraction app

anxiety distraction app

This is my first post in a new blog series where I highlight apps that I think make for great little anxiety distraction tools.

Sometimes you need a little help getting yourself out of a negative thinking spiral.  Or maybe you want to pull yourself out of a repetitive thinking loop.   Perhaps you just feel a little panicky and need something with which to distract yourself for a few minutes until you calm down.   As it turns out, there are a lot of handy little apps out there that can help you do just that.

What I wouldn’t have given 20 years ago,  to be able to just pick up my phone and find a fun little way to help re-focus my thoughts.

Sigh……..I hope the younger generation knows how good they have it.

The great thing about these apps is that they are so convenient.  You could be at the doctor’s office,  a passenger in a car,  hungry and waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant,  or sitting in the barber’s chair……..and if you are feeling anxious,   just whip out your phone and prepare to climb aboard a fun new train of thought!


“The Colorfly in Secret Garden-Best Coloring Book for Adults”,  by Jie Zing.

anxiety Distraction AppAnxiety Distraction app

I found this app in my iPhone App Store and not only is it a way to color on your iPhone or iPad,  which is completely awesome in itself…..but its also free.   Does it get any better than that?

It’s like my two favorite things just collided into one.  You can upgrade to a subscription,  and that will get you more designs to choose from,  but you can get hours of use out of it without the upgrade,  in my opinion.

This app offers tons of different designs to color as well as a great selection of colored “pencils” to choose from.   In the heading for the app it says it’s for girls only,   but we all know better than that.   Coloring is for guys,  girls,  young,  and old.

And as far as distracting yourself from your worry.….this thing works.  It’s very easy to get pulled into it.   I was busy testing it out and I looked up and my son was tapping my leg saying “Mom!”,  in an exasperated voice.   I was so lost in my coloring that I didn’t even realize he had been trying to get my attention for the last 20 seconds.

Think about putting  this one in your toolbox,  readers.   I think you’ll like it.






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