Apps For Anxiety Distraction: #2 – Can You Escape?

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Anxiety Distraction Apps

anxiety Distraction apps

My next distraction app pick is called  “Can You Escape”,  by Kaarel Kirsipuu .

Image-1If you are puzzle or mystery-minded, I think you will like this one.   This is a free app which consists of 8 rooms,  and it is your job to find your way out of each room,  one at a time.  The answer seems obvious at first,  but you will soon find that you have to look for “clues” around the room to help guide you.   When you stumble upon a clue,  you then solve a quick puzzle to give you access to that clue, and then you are one step closer to freedom!  You must find the clues in the proper sequence, though….otherwise, they are of no use!

This isn’t the most challenging puzzle/game app in the world.  But it is definitely mention worthy for its distraction potential.   Its difficult enough to make you think..but at the same time,  not so challenging that you end up OVER thinking or getting frustrated and giving up.  It’s the perfect skill level to keep you engaged,   and yank you out of a negative thinking spiral.

Because the free version only consists of 8 rooms,  this app won’t necessarily last you days and days,  although it does offer you 2 more levels to purchase for a small upgrade fee.  But I think it will be good for at least a few “saves”,   when you need something light to focus on.

Check it out here,  and if you have any great apps that you use for worry distraction,  let me know.  I’d love to share them with my readers!

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