Infographic – The State of Mental Health in America

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Anxiety Infographic

Mental Health Infographic

Mental Health Infographic

Many thanks to the Bradley University Online Masters of Arts in Counseling Program for inviting me to share this great infographic they created,  which is full of stats about mental health in the United States.

It is clear that mental health issues are a huge part of life in this country,  and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.   And it certainly won’t change without more awareness,  openness, and sharing of information.

I would venture to say that almost every person in this country either qualifies for a mental health diagnosis themselves, or knows somebody who does.    Mental health problems are clearly  a normal part of human existence.    Let’s make it “normal”  to talk about them and work toward solutions for the many problems that accompany mental health diagnoses,  including lack of quality counseling and treatment.

Thanks again to Bradley!


Bradley University Mental Health Infographic


Mental Health Infographic Bradley

Mental Health In America Infographic



Click here to read the full article from Bradley University.

Check out Google’s search of anxiety infographics for more easy to read anxiety related stats.

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