Anxiety – It’s Not Easy

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Anxiety Its not Easy

Living with anxiety isn’t easy.

We all know that.     And if you are anything like me when my anxiety disorder first came about,   you have more than paid that Anxiety, It's Not Easysentiment its due.    Now its time to put your focus on what you are gaining from this tremendous challenge that you have been handed.

I have always looked at my anxiety as a gift,   for many reasons.    And one of the biggest reasons,  is that it has forced me to find my strength and it has shown me who I am.

I didn’t have a clue who I was before my anxiety disorder.   I thought I did…well,  actually I never gave it much thought at all.   I just kind of floated through my life reacting to things,  not really doing anything to create  any reactions,   if that makes sense.    I was simply a character in the book of my life,  (not even the main character)……….I wasn’t writing  the book of my life.

Because of my anxiety disorder,   I am very aware now that I am holding the pen and I make damn sure I use it.    I am now the author of MY story and I have embraced being a strong, colorful,  slightly quirky,  pretty interesting main character.    And my life is pretty great,  all things considered.

If anxiety was easy…..if my life had been easy….I would never be able to say any of that.

Anxiety can make your life better as well.    I promise you it can if you move past how much of a challenge it can be to live with.    “It’s not easy.”   will never do anything for you.   It will keep you stagnant,   locked in time,   preventing you from evolving and growing.    Choosing an attitude of  “Life with anxiety is so hard.”   will rob you of a lifetime of endless possibilities and it will ultimately cost you more than the actual anxiety itself ever could.

That is the thing about anxiety,  and I suppose much of anything with life…..your attitude is what defines its role in your life.   It will be whatever you believe it to be.   It will be whatever you decide that it is.

Decide wisely.   Your life depends on it.

Thanks for reading. has a great article with tips on how to change your attitude when it feels impossible to do.  I think it’s worth checking out.


Anxiety Isn't Easy

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4 thoughts on “Anxiety – It’s Not Easy

  1. Aaron J Kelley

    This post has so many tweetable lines, I wish I could highlight and share them all.

    More people need to hear this side of anxiety.

    We all hear that it’s tough, that it takes time, and that you will fail as you try to get better.

    But what I love about this post and your disposition on anxiety is that, it is what you make it. It can be something hard you deal with. Or it can be something you use to better yourself.

    I just love your perspective. Thanks for this one.

  2. tillyjamie

    I’ve had anxiety for 30 years I also have bipolar disorder I love reading how others cope and how I could try some tips from them. May I commend you on your site it looks great and was a great read thank you for sharing. Jamie

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