Restless at Bedtime? Reading Can Help.

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For the average person with anxiety,  I think its pretty fair to assume that nighttime restlessness is high on the list of their most frustrating anxiety symptoms.

Truth be told, sometimes there is simply nothing that can be done about it – our brains are just too keyed up to let us relax.  But I have learned that more times than not,  picking up a good book is a surefire way to help myself drift off to sleep. has a list of the best products that can help with insomnia, so don’t be quick to write something like that off before trying it.

I choose books that are not too stimulating, and definitely not great “stories”.  Those can seem impossible to put down and even if I do feel my brain getting drowsy, I don’t want to go to sleep because I want to know what happens next!

I find that autobiographies, self-help books,  or educational/”learning” books are a much better choice for me.  They help me to relax and unwind, distract me from my racing thoughts, and use my brain’s power just enough to tire it out a little bit and get it ready for sleep.

Check out this great infographic from Mattress Online for some sleep related facts and book suggestions for those of you that are “Slumber Challenged”.

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6 Minutes to Slumber Infographic
6 Minutes to Slumber Infographic by Mattress Online.

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2 thoughts on “Restless at Bedtime? Reading Can Help.

  1. Invisibly Me

    I love reading, and always read a little before bed. I’m the opposite in terms of genre though; I find I need an engaging book (like the American crime thrillers I love) to keep me interested and reading for just long enough, whereas I find self-help and others can cause me to overthink and wake me up rather than help me wind down. Love the infographic! 🙂
    Caz xx

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