Panic Attack Infographic – Tips To Help You Find Your Calm

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Panic Attack Infographic

Panic Attack Infographic

If you have spent much time here at The Worry Games, you know that I probably should have named this blog  “The Wordy  Games” because its hard for me to make a point in less than 2500 words.

I know that people aren’t always in the mood to read a novel about the who, what,  why, and how of anxiety,   so here is a quick and “to the point” infographic with some tips that I have successfully used to put a stop to panic attacks.

For driving related panic attack tips, click here.



AnnaLisa Scott


Panic Attack Infographic


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AnnaLisa Scott
AnnaLisa Scott is a full time blogger living successfully with an anxiety disorder, who is passionate about helping people change their relationship with anxiety. has helped thousands of people see their anxiety disorders in a new light and manage their symptoms through self empowerment, self care, and other natural methods.

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