My Review of Tree Lyfe Bracelets

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Tree Lyfe Review

Tree Lyfe Review

Tree Lyfe Review

If you have read much of,  you know I am big on growth.

I look at every negative thing that happens to us in life as an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow.   All of the stories and bits of advice I share here are meant to be little seeds I sprinkle your way, and it is my hope that some of them take root and grow into something meaningful and powerful in your life. So when I discovered Tree Lyfe bracelets while browsing the web one day (trying to feed my well documented bracelet addiction) and came across  their mission statement,  I knew I wanted to write a post about them.


Tree Lyfe bracelets represent growth and positive things sprouting from the negatives in our life – and they plant trees!   That is just about as good as it gets for me,  so I immediately ordered a few of their bracelets to try them out for myself.

The Website

The TreeLyfe website is very easy to navigate and there are tons of great images to help you decide which bracelets are right for you.   There are lots of great colors to choose from in four different styles:  Seeds,  Dreamcatcher,  Plant Your Future,  and Fortune Tree.   One thing that TreeLyfe bracelets offer that I haven’t seen in some of the other bracelets I review, is a line with a more masculine flavor, including the two bracelets shown directly below. Click image to enlarge.


 My Pick

Tree Lyfe bracelets can be ordered individually or in “stacks” and I chose to order the Jr. Classic Stack II stack shown below.  This stack consists of 3 bracelets:  one  white Dreamcatcher, one blue Seeds bracelet, and one blue   “Plant Your Future” bracelet.  I love the colors in this stack and I thought the metal trim, which is sterling silver plated, was very classy.

The Product

About a week later the bracelets arrived and they did not disappoint.  I loved the style and design of them even more in person than I did on the website.   They looked great on my wrist and I knew from the get go that I would be ordering more.

My Pick

As far as sizing goes, they are really easy to adjust to your wrist.   My wrists are very small and just a few simple string tugs adjust these to my wrist perfectly.  Because of the amount of sizing room each bracelet gives you,  I am guessing they would fit a wide range of wrist sizes. Another thing I appreciated was that the colors  of the bracelets I received are very true to what is represented on their website.   That is a big thing to me because I hate when a product arrives in the mail and it is different than what I had imagined in my mind.  These bracelets are exactly as shown so I was quite pleased with them.


The Quality

The quality of TreeLyfe bracelets exceeded my expectations.  I was expecting them to be simple bracelets made of string, but they are actually covered in a wax type of coating that gives them a nice feel and sets them apart from other bracelets that I have reviewed. I have worn the bracelets for a few months now and the silver on them has not tarnished or changed color at all.  In addition, there is no fraying of the ends.   These bracelets look just as good now as they did the day I received them.  The only difference now is that they are a bit more “broken in” and feel more “natural”.  Overall, I love them just as much now as I did the first day.   These bracelets have joined the growing number of bracelets on my wrist that I wear every day,  that all have their own meaning to me and provide me inspiration.


The Price

TreeLyfe individual bracelets and stacks run from $12 to $77.   I thought this price was a little high when I first purchased them but after receiving them, and especially after seeing how well they hold up,  I think that price is very reasonable. I have had my bracelets for about 6 months now, wear them every day, and the metal detailing is just as fresh and shiny as it was the first day, and the strings have not frayed at all, so I would say they are a great value.


I give these bracelets a very favorable review.   They are really cute,  great quality, and they look great with everything I wear.   I love them so much that I asked TreeLyfe if I could rep for them and promote these bracelets here on my blog.  They agreed and not only that, they gave me a promo code for my readers to get 20% off.  Use LISASCOTT20 at checkout!




AnnaLisa Scott


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