Product Review: Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos

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Review Conscious Ink Tattoos

Review Conscious Ink Tattoos

I am a huge believer in affirmations;  they have been life changing for me.

So when I came across an ad for Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos on Facebook,  it caught my attention.     I knew this was a product that would be perfect for reviewing here at The Worry Games, and I thank the company for sending a few samples to me and my daughter Ily to try out.


The Conscious Ink company was founded by writer and transformational coach,  Frank Gjata,  founder of,  who has a personal mission to inspire others to live consciously,  and unabashedly embrace life and who they are.   Through his temporary tattoos,  he hopes to spread love throughout the world,  and give people a fun, cool way to share their message with others.    Just as importantly,  he wants to give people their own personal reminder of who they are and the journey they are currently on.

Conscious Ink

The Product

My tattoos arrived in a nicely packaged envelope with a couple of informational cards that gave basic information and instructions for applying the tattoos.

The quality seemed good.  The tattoos come in their own plastic “envelopes” and are on nice sturdy pieces of card with another plastic layer over them.  They do not seem flimsy at all which I liked.

I loved the styles/quotes that I was sent, which I will post below…very inspiring and perfect for an anxiety blogger.

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Applying the tattoos was super easy.

The instructions seemed about what you would expect, a lot like the temporary tattoos we have all used as a kid.   The only difference being that Conscious Ink suggests that before you dampen the tattoo onto your skin,  you make sure to clean your skin and use an alcohol prep to really make sure there are no oils on your skin. This is to ensure that the tattoos last as long as possible.

My daughter’s tattoo came out perfectly.

I placed a tattoo on my ten year old daughter first because she was practically  jumping out of her skin with excitement.   After prepping her forearm,  I placed the Rumi verse tattoo on her arm and held a warm washcloth over it for about 60 seconds, gently rocking my hand back and forth over the tattoo to make sure it was fully sautrated and that I had every area covered.

When time was up, I lifted the tattoo backing and it looked amazing.   Perfect placement.   My daughter loved it and I agreed,  it looked great.   She wore the tattoo for about 4-5 days,  keeping it out of the bath water when in the tub,  and then around that time,  the edges start to lift a little bit.  At that time I put her back in the tub and it came off really easily with a washcloth.

I chose the Calm tattoo for myself,  because  honestly I can’t think of a more important mantra for one with anxiety issues such as I have.

I placed the tattoo on my inner wrist and I loved the way it looked as well.  I thought it looked great with the bracelets I was wearing.   I told my daughter I felt very “bohemian chic”.

My wrist area has more lines than the smooth forearm of a 10-year-old girl, and some of them showed through the tattoo,  but it still looked great and it stayed that way until day 6 when it started to peel.   I did shower with it, but I made sure to keep my arm out of the water.

So now I wanted to give the tattoos the real test.   How long would they stay on without any special care or treatment?

I applied the third tattoo,  Remember Who You Are,   (which I chose because I say this to my kids all the time)  to my  daughter’s forearm with the proper application technique,  really rubbing it good with the alcohol and making sure her arm was VERY clean because I knew the abuse this tattoo was about to take,  and I told her to go for it.    I told her to bathe normally,  play normally,   and to not nurse it along at all.

That is what she did for several days,  even getting into a hot tub with the jets on full blast.    The tattoo survived it all.   It actually stayed on longer than the other two did which shocked us both.   It was a full 7 days before we started noticing any lifting but the by the time we went to wash it off,  it was more than ready to easily be removed.

I am sure Conscious Ink would not recommend living with your tattoo the way my daughter did with that last one,  and I can’t tell you that is a “typical” result that all buyers would get.   But that is the result we got and we were really pleased about it.



The Website is a beautiful,  very well put together site that is easy to navigate. I love the colors and the overall vibe.   I especially like the great variety of inspirational quotes and sayings that the tattoos come in and  I think the photographs are beautiful and very well done.

Conscious Ink offers other products besides the tattoos – including hats and greeting type cards.   The cards are,  I think,  my favorite item on the website even more than just the tattoos themselves are,  because I LOVE the idea of knowing a friend or family member is in a certain “emotional” place and then being able to give them a card with a handwritten note of encouragement and a tattoo that they can place on their body for a little inspiration and motivation.   I would love to receive something like that……so great.   Perfect give for an introvert in my opinion.

Through the website I also learned that Conscious Ink has a line of tattoos created specifically for charitable contributions so its nice to know that they are putting positivity out into the world financially as well.


The individual tattoos run in the $2.50 range- a bit more for the larger sized ones,  and there are also package deals that can give you a discount as well.   I think the price is reasonable for what you get.

Overall Impression

I loved these tattoos and my daughter did as well.   I love body art – I have 3 designs that are permanent….and these temporary tattoos are a great way to express that love of body ink without making a lifelong commitment.   I think they are great quality,  last long enough to get your money’s worth out of them and I think the overall message is fantastic.

I love that there is some color in this collection and they aren’t just all solid black.   I would love to see some more different patterns and textures to “fun” things up even more,   maybe a little glitter and shine if that is possible,  but even without –  these tattoos are a winner to me.

Thanks for stopping by this review and if you decide to try Conscious Ink temporary tattoos,  please stop back and let me know what you think!

Remember,  no worries!


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoos

  1. Aquileana

    Those inspirational quotes as tattoos really stand out… Love the idea of temporary tattoos. Not too risky in case you don´t like it as time goes by 😀
    Have a great week ahead!…. best wishes

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