Product Review: MantraBands Bracelets

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MantraBand Review

I discovered MantraBands while doing research on a piece I am going to be writing in a few weeks about using jewelry as a motivational/inspirational tool.

I was so excited to see them that I grabbed my laptop and ran down to my living room to tell my husband.

Look at this.”,     I said.   MantraBand Review“Bracelets…….with affirmations on them.”

It was enough to make my husband actually lift his head up from his iPad and look at me over the top of his reading glasses with raised eyebrows,  which is not an easy thing to get him to do.  “Wow”,  he said….“that’s right up your alley.”  

My husband knows me well enough to know that MantraBands probably could have had me at the “adjustable metal bracelet”  part.    I have extremely small wrists and finding bracelets to fit me is a real challenge.

My husband also knows that affirmations are my thing.    I  AM Stuart Smalley.   Nobody loves or believes in the power of affirmations and positive thinking more than I do.    Put those affirmations on that adjustable bracelet…and it’s official.   I am all in.

I knew right away that MantraBands were going to be my next review.  I quickly went to their website,  and within a week my MantraBands arrived.

MantraBands Review


The PackagingMantraBands how long to arrive

MantraBands come in the cutest little boxes that are approx 3 inches by 3 inches.   They are lightweight, easy to open and have the enclosed band’s unique affirmation printed on the outside of the box.   Inside the box, you will find a little paragraph that expands on the band’s specific affirmation or “mantra”,  and I immediately thought about how perfect these would be for birthdays or bridesmaids’ gifts or graduation presents – so easy to toss into a gift bag but also meaningful.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.27.12 PM


MantraBands come in three tones:  silver, yellow gold and rose gold.   The MantraBand company was kind enough to send me one of each to sample for my review.

When I had asked for the sample,  they had asked me if there were any specific affirmations I would like to have and I said “No”,  because I wanted to leave it up to the “spirits” to kind of guide me where they thought I mentally needed to go.   And I was so happy to see that the affirmations/mantras on my bracelets were:


“She Believed She Could So She Did”

“Love Yourself”

“La Vita E Bella”  (Life is Beautiful)


I could not have picked out three more perfect affirmations for me.   If you have read any of my blog at all you know I am about self-confidence and loving yourself and finding the good in the bad.  I was actually goose bumpy when I read them.



Quality and Materials

I was immediately impressed with the quality of the MantraBands.

Mantrabands review

Adjustable cuff-style or non-link bracelets are often a bit on the thin side.

Not the MantraBand.

In fact, I can see why they are called “Bands”,  because the truth is that they are a nice strong band of metal.

MantraBands are lead free,  hypoallergenic and made of tarnish resistant stainless steel.

The yellow gold tone and rose gold tone are made of the same stainless steel as the silver tone,  except they have an overlay of 18K gold.

The bands have a fair bit of weight to them,  compared to other similar bracelets that I have held.  If you imagine closing your eyes and putting your palm out, expecting somebody to put a nickel on your palm, but then they put a half-dollar there instead….that is a good way to describe the difference between what I was expecting to feel, and what I actually DID feel.  So that was a pleasant surprise.

They also have a crisper edge than I thought they would have.  I was expecting a more rounded edge but the MantraBands have a nice flat edge that,  again with the coin reference here but much like the edge of a nickel or half-dollar,  and I thought that gave them a more sophisticated look and feel that a lot of similar products might not necessarily be able to pull off.


Mantrabands review

Another Opinion

I wanted my 10-year-old daughter to model them for me on her arm  (which was my fatal error),  so I put each one on her wrist as I took them out of the box,  reading the affirmations to her as I did so.  They looked really great on her.

She said,   “Mom, these feel a little heavy compared to my other bracelets.”

I said,   “That’s called quality.  Doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Ooooooh,  I like it”, she said as she waved her arms up and down like a ballerina to feel the weight of the bracelets and hear them tinkle.

MantraBands ReviewThen she came in for the kill.  

“You know Mom”,   she says as she walks up to my desk,  puts her elbows down and rests her head in her hands and looks up at me with her big blue eyes.   “… all of these affirmations are what you try to teach me.  I can see why you think these bracelets are so special.”   

I knew what she was up to.   “No!”   I thought.  “They are mine!”

But five minutes later she was tinkling down the hall celebrating her victory as I yelled,   “Don’t forget to tell Daddy I want some for my birthday!”

Love really does hurt sometimes.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.27.12 PM


 The Affirmations

MantraBand offers affirmations in 5 categories,   with each category having many  different affirmations to choose from.    MantraBand’s website offers a very clear,  simple shopping experience so its easy to choose the bands/wording combination that you want.   It literally can take just seconds to find something you love and put it in your cart.

The 5 affirmation categories are:

Strength (My favorite)


I can’t imagine a circumstance or occasion that MantraBand does not offer an affirmation for.  I have spent a lot of time on their website going through the different affirmations and reading the reviews for each one, and it seems that people really do seem to be connecting with the quotes and inspirational sayings and symbols that MantraBand has selected.

Click each image for greater detail.




My daughter has only been wearing hers for a week,  but she has worn them every second since she got them,  except while bathing,  and they have not lost a bit of their shine.  They still look like brand new.    It is really a peeve of mine when you spend good money for jewelry and you wear it 2 months and then it starts looking very tarnished and cheap.   MantraBand assures its buyers that will not happen, and so far I have seen no evidence of that with the samples they sent me.   I will definitely keep this review updated in that regard though as time goes on.

Update Sept. 18, 2016:

5 months later and the bracelets still look great.  They have maybe lost a little  bit of their shine,   and they have acquired some faint scratches here and there,  but they still look  nice despite her wearing them a lot of the time.


MantraBands Quality


MantraBands are very easily adjustable and they are guaranteed by the company to not break after they have been repeatedly taken off and on,  and/or adjusted. 

MantraBands Review


I can vouch for the strength of the metal used.   My daughter’s had to be bent quite a bit to fit and she has even taken them off a few times and then put back on and they have not shown ANY signs of weakening.   I would not let her wear them to school every day if I didn’t completely trust that they were going to hold their shape and stay on her wrist.  I have no worries about that at all.

MantraBand’s website offers care instructions to ensure the life and minimal wear of the bands,  so be sure to pay attention to those –  and they also have an FAQ section at their website.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.27.12 PM


The Price

MantraBands GiftsMantraBands run between $25 and $35 and I think they are definitely worth it.

They offer free shipping on all US orders and international orders of $100 or more.  They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the bands and their staff is really nice as well and through my communications with them,  I can tell that they take customer service seriously,  so that is always a plus.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.27.12 PM


So to wrap up this product review,  I am definitely recommending MantraBands to those who are looking for a way to add some inspiration to their daily lives as well as to those who want to give a little inspiration to somebody else.   I am in love with these bands and the personal message of inspiration they provide and I can’t get over what awesome gifts they would make,  especially for birthdays,  stocking stuffers at Christmas and milestone events like graduations.

MantraBands can be found in select stores,  as well as on their website. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!   And thank you to MantraBand for giving me a chance to review their lovely bracelets.


MantraBand has added necklaces to their collection and they are beautiful.  I can’t wait to order one and come back and let you know what I think.

MantraBand Review




Photo Credit:  All Images provided by MantraBand at my request and are the property of MantraBand.


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  1. carolinecassidy84

    I love the idea of affirmation jewellery! My sister is a big fan of inspirational quotes, so I’ll be checking out Mantraband for birthday gifts for her. Thank you for a thorough review, Lisa.

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