Worry Games Update #2

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Hi Readers!   Its been a while since I have done a general post about whats going on here at The Worry Games so I thought it was time.

What a year it has been!   Last year at this time,  I think I was pretty much just writing to myself,  without a single reader to be found.Worry, Games, Update   My analytics were basically a flat line for a few months there and I admit that it was pretty discouraging at times.  Then I stumbled upon a wonderful little thing called “Twitter”  and that completely turned things around.   Twitter gave The Worry Games the breath of life and I am so grateful for that.

Twitter has allowed me to “meet” some awesome people and get my blog name and posts out there.   I have met other anxiety bloggers that have really impressed me with their point of view and writing style, and have humbled me quite a bit,  actually.   There is this amazing mental health community on Twitter that I never knew existed.   I always thought Twitter was just about celebrities…I had no idea there was so much GOOD being done there and I am so thankful to my husband for encouraging me to give it a go.    I was a bit nervous at first because I thought people would be mean and insulting but I have the greatest little community there and people are so supportive and encouraging.  So if you are a part of that community….a huge thank you to you.  You have done a lot for my blog and my spirit.

This year I also did an interview at a wonderful website called Sometimeslifeis.com.    If you had told me a year ago,  that a year later I will have been so beautifully featured on such an inspiring website,  I would have thought you were crazy.    But here I am,  and it was a great experience and made me really proud.   A big thank you to Roger Hoefel for asking me to be a part of his mission.

I started a Facebook Page this year that you can find here.   I have 35 whole likes now and I am pretty jazzed about that.  They are slow coming and each one is like a little victory!  lol  If you have liked my page….THANK YOU!  🙂

I feel like I have written some really great posts this year,  that I am proud of.  Okay,  there have been a some that maybe are a little less than stellar but its all a learning process, right?   I had no idea what it would take to put out worthy posts on a regular basis.  I was a bit naive when I joined the blogging world,  I have to say.   But all that time and hard work is so worth it,  and when I am done and I hit that  “Publish”  button,  it is the greatest feeling of accomplishment.    I still don’t have a great number of hits every day.   I am pretty much just a little speck on the map of anxiety blogs out there.   But just to know that I was able to take my thoughts and put them together in a package and send them out to the world on a quest to help somebody….its a pretty great feeling.  🙂

Thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing what the next year brings us all.   Today is the day after the Paris Attacks and I am fearful of what the next year is going to bring for us all.  I hope and pray that at this time next year,  the world is a more peaceful place than it is today.

Thanks for reading.




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