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My Review of Wanderer Bracelets

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Wanderer Bracelets ReviewWanderer Bracelets ReviewWanderer Bracelets ReviewThanks for checking out my review of Wanderer Bracelets.

These cool bracelets caught my eye on social media.   I am a big fan of jewelry that “means something”.   I like to be inspired and motivated by my jewelry….. to be reminded of something special when I glance down and see it on my body.   I could see that these bracelets had some beautiful symbols and designs and I decided to check out their website to get the full back story and look through their gallery.

Upon doing so,  I was very impressed with what I saw and decided these would make a great product to review for readers who are in need of an extra little dose of inspiration and meaning in their life.

Wanderer Bracelets review

Wanderer Bracelets have a great story behind them.

During a visit to Bali, the founder of Wanderer Bracelets,  Ben,  met Made, (pronounced Mah-day),  a local who took Ben back to his village and explained that there were artisans….carvers and scultpers….who lived in the village with him, who were very proud of their craft,  but found it difficult to make a consistent living through it.   Ben felt a strong connection with the people of this village and saw an opportunity to help.  Ben formed a company that would use the natural  carvings of these skilled artisans and turn them into beautiful bracelets with an overall message of encouraging people to live free and let their body and spirit wander,  while staying connected to who they are and what they love.


Wanderer Bracelets Review


The initial goal was to help support 10 carvers and their families.   Today,  the goal is to take that number above 100.

(See the bottom of this page for a short video that talks about the Wanderer story and gives you an up close glimpse of how the bracelets are made.) 

Not only is the story beautiful,  but the bracelets are as well.  I am so thankful to the Wanderer company for sending me three samples of their bracelets so that I could see them first hand,  feel the quality,  and see how they looked when worn.

According to Wanderer’s website, each bracelet is hand carved from natural water buffalo bone and woven into an adjustable nylon thread band.

The bracelets come in two styles,  a tassel, which has a max length of 8 inches, as well as a button style with a max length 7.5 inches.  Some bracelets are offered in different colors including a few that have a multi color band, which is my favorite.

The bracelets arrived at my home in a small canvas bag,  with very nice wrap around cards that share the special meaning of each bracelet, as well as providing care instructions and the brief story of the creation of the bracelets.  I thought the presentation was really nice and suited the bracelets well.  They also gave me some samples of the stickers they sell,  and a keychain…all very cool and fun.


I was sent the Circle Bracelet,  in the tassel closure style.  According to the card, the circle is to serve as a symbol to remind me that I am an irreplaceable part of the universe.  

I was also sent the Infinity Bracelet in the button style.  The Infinity design is a symbol of unending possibility, love, hope and empowerment.

The third bracelet I received was the button style Connected Hearts Bracelet, my favorite of the three,  which serves to remind that no matter how far the distance, once two hearts are connected, they can never be separated.

(Click Each Bracelet to See Closer Detail)



Each bracelet was so beautiful.

They are delicate,  not bulky,  but still very well made with a durable feel.   I have very small wrists, so my hopes weren’t too high that they would fit me properly and in fact,  they were all a bit large on me.  However, the tassel style bracelet was easily sized down by pulling on each end and then knotting the excess,  and the button closure bracelet was easily knotted into a smaller size,  and that only added to the “natural”  vibe of the bracelet so I was perfectly happy with it.   (I did see after starting this review that their website does offer a few videos on how to adjust and secure the bracelets.)

The bracelets have a beachy,  relaxed quality about them but a hint of “edgy” too.   Is “Beach Edge” a thing?   It is now.   I suppose it depends on how you dress with them though.   But I really got the vibes of Bali from them and I realized I couldn’t wait for warm sleeveless shirt weather to come so I could show these off.   It doesn’t matter now because once my daughter got them (see below) I never got them back –  as it usually goes with my review products –  but maybe the next bracelets I buy I will actually get to wear with a summer glow and some nice bare arms.


I had never seen buffalo bone up close before receiving these bracelets and I was really impressed with it.  It is very easy to see the skill of the artists involved in each bracelet’s creation.  The carving combined with the natural polishing of the bone creates a really beautiful crafted soft finish….very shiny and smooth and the bone white color is just lovely.  The bone goes really well with the nylon bands…. they compliment each other so nicely and when I put all three bracelets on and created what the Wanderer company calls a “stack” of bracelets,  it made a very cool effect which I loved.

In addition to the individual bracelets I received and am reviewing,  Wanderer also offers a whole gallery of other designs,  including wrap bracelets made of the same woven nylon as the other bracelets and which seem really cool and I can’t wait to try.

There is a hook style and an anchor style which I show below.  (Click each image for larger detail.)




Wanderer also offers what is called a Coordinates Bracelet.

I LOVE the idea of this bracelet and it is on my list to buy.  (They are all on my list to buy.)   Just pick the coordinates of your favorite place on Earth,  whether it is the setting of your favorite book, or a place you have visited or hope to visit that has a special place in your heat, and Wanderer will engrave a buffalo bone plate with those coordinates.



Again, I have not received either the wrap style or the coordinates style bracelet to see and wear for myself, but I thought they were so cool I wanted to let you know about them.

One of my favorite things about the Wanderer company is not only that they are using this company to help support families in Bali,  but also that they really believe in the Wanderer lifestyle:

Life was meant to be lived.   The world was meant to be explored.  We are meant to  follow our dreams.  


Each bracelet was designed to tell your story or inspire your next chapter,   and it is for that reason that every bracelet was designed to be worn with any of the other bracelets in the collection.   Who knows what your story will be a year from now?  Anything is possible so they made sure that any combination of these bracelets will look just as great as another.   As somebody who is into wearing my story on my body through jewelry and the small amount of body ink I have,  I think that is a really cool thing.

Overall,  my opinion of these bracelets if very positive and I will definitely recommend them.  They run in the $12 – $65 dollar range,  depending on whether you buy the bracelets individually or in stacks.  Shipping is free.

Post Publish Edit, October 4, 2017: is not an ambassador for Wanderer Bracelets therefore cannot provide a discount.  My apologies to those who I have told to check back about possible promo codes.   After writing this review and then becoming a rep for the company before they terminated the program, I was under the impression that a new ambassador program was in the works and I learned today they have no intention of doing that. I am sorry about the confusion. 


Have a great day and remember:  no worries.





Wanderer Story Video


Photo Credit:  All Images Property of Wanderer Bracelets,  Except Header Frames Image Which is Courtesy of Pixabay, Minus Wanderer Images. 

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5 thoughts on “My Review of Wanderer Bracelets

  1. WJ

    I ordered on dec 4, and NEVER received my 2 bracelets! They never answer the phone, and Say they will call Back i. 24 hrs…they don’t. I finally received a call back. The person said that they would “re-do” my order, and send it priority. I never received anything. They took my money though, and had a Merry Christmas I’m sure, while the two family members i ordered the bracelets for did not receive their gift. Now, they aren’t returning my calls at all. We are going on a month. BEWARE BUYERS! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

  2. Caz

    I love these, so understated yet beautiful! I’ll have to see if I can find anywhere to purchase them in the UK, though if I do I’m not sure I’d be able to just pick one! x

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