Quiet People, Loud Minds

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Quiet People Loud Minds


Quiet people have the loudest minds……

….and I like it that way.   I think those of us that are quiet and/or shy tend to get underestimated.   People have no idea how complex we are…..how intelligent….how observant…how interesting.    I think that a lot of us are perceived as not having much of a personality.   If people only knew the way the wheels turned inside our minds, churning thoughts or imagination.

It can take me a while before I feel comfortable enough to be myself around people I don’t know.    I have lived with mild social anxiety my entire life.    I am either very quiet,  or I end up trying too hard to NOT be quiet and I end up blurting out something that comes out COMPLETELY the wrong way and ends up offending somebody.  Truth be told, I am probably much better off staying quiet because I usually end up wishing I could press a rewind button on about 75% of the conversations I have.

But I love it when I get to know somebody to the point that I start letting the real me come through in conversation and I see those brief little moments of surprise in their eyes.  You know – those looks that say “Wow, really?  You impressed me.”  or “I wasn’t expecting that .”

I am certainly not one to live my life trying to impress other people – I broke free from that a long time ago.   But I always smile a little on the inside when I know somebody has realized that maybe they don’t have me quite as figured out as they thought they did.

It’s okay to be quiet.   Its okay if people don’t have you figured out within the first 60 seconds of meeting you.   It’s okay to be a mystery.    All the best people are.  

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Quiet People Loud Minds





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