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Victoria's Secret Cotton Moisture Complex

I knew this line of lotions and body washes was going to be a staple in my life when, after using it for the first time,  my 5-year-old son grabbed my hand then looked up at me and said  “Mom, your hand is really super soft!

I have used many lotions in my time,  but this is my favorite.  

I love Skin So Victoria's Secret Cotton Moisture ComplexSoft from Avon,  as well as Hempz Lotion,  but the Cotton Complex Moisture Line tops my list.  I love that it is a “line of products” that includes Scrub,  Wash, Lotion,  Oil,  and Perfecting Creme and I also love that it is lightweight,  yet so incredibly hydrating and doesn’t make my skin break out.

My favorite scent is the Passionflower.   It has a very nice,  calming smell that makes me feel cozy and relaxed and the Luminous Perfecting Creme has just a touch of shimmery bronzer in it that makes my shoulders and chest look amazing.

As a mom of 5 it can be hard to find ways to feel pretty and  “classy”.    All too often I am wearing lounge wear that has peanut butter and jelly smeared down the legs due to kids’ hands that have been trying to “climb me” all day.   Little stuff like finding a nicely scented,  quality lotion that I can wear every day… help remind me that there is somebody underneath all of the “mom” that I wear everyday.   As I bend over for the 1000th time to pick up a sandwich crust off of the floor,  I get a faint whiff of Passionflower and it’s a nice little pick ME up.  🙂

Find this line of products at Victoria’s Secret Stores and Victoria’ .


Cotton Moisture Complex

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