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45156674beb7a2830e16e61f1606714aBelieve it or not,  writing about anxiety all day can be kind of a downer.

If I spend too much time thinking about anxiety and describing symptoms, it can put me in a bit of a dark place and cause me to start taking on some of those symptoms.    So I decided to create a little hidden “back room” section of my blog where I talk about things I love that give me some comfort and happiness and take me out of my head.   I’m a “feeler” as most people with anxiety are and I love things that engage my senses.  I would take a beautiful smelling candle or fun gadgets like these, any day of the week.  And those are the kinds of things I will write about here just for fun.

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I am always trying to eliminate “stuff” from my life.  Cluttered surroundings equal cluttered minds,  in my experience.  But these are the products that will always be in my home.  (At least until something more fabulous comes along.)   Every product here is one that I use on a regular basis and that has helped make my life just a little bit nicer.

When you live with anxiety and stress,  the little comforts can make a big difference in your overall attitude and sense of self.    And the familiarity of having specific products that you use at specific times… can be really soothing to a brain that is interpreting your world as being chaotic and out of control.

Shoot me a message if you have some products that you love that you would like to share with me.  🙂

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