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My musical tastes are wide and varied.  butterfly-957451_640

I don’t have a favorite musical style or song or musician –  I just know what moves me.   If I can feel the music down in my core;  if it gives me goosebumps or brings tears to my eyes;  if it takes me away to another place in my mind, then I know I love it.  And those are the songs I am going to share with you here.


Rostropovich Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude

I know not everybody is a fan of classical music but I love it and if I had to choose a favorite piece of music, this would be it.     This piece awakens something deep inside me every time I hear it, especially if it is Rostropovich playing.    I am one who rarely,  if ever,  feels pure and true joy but this song……it makes me feel joy.


Nazca – Always You

I love Indie/Folk music.   It makes me travel somewhere.   I don’t know exactly where it takes me, but it is someplace cool.   It makes me feel light and carefree and …..content.    This is one of my new faves.


Devendra Banhart – 16th & Valencia Roxy Music

Devendra Banhart could be described as hippie/alternative/folk.   This song has an awesome vibe.


Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

Lykke Li is alternative/ indie.  This is another song with a great vibe.


Avalon – A Celtic Legend (Road To Camelot)

Yes,  I love Celtic music too.   I told you…my musical tastes are wide and varied.    This song is  perfect for laying down at the end of the day,  closing your eyes and being instantly transported to a great adventure in a magical world from long ago.   Its kind of like being in a movie or on an amusement park ride.   Of course,  I have a really big imagination so maybe that’s just me,  but you should try it and see.   Don’t think about anything….just hang on tight,  ride each note, and feel the story.   Its fun!   🙂   Oh and the louder the better….I crank this song up!

It just hit me how HUGE of a nerd I am.


Claire de Lune – Debussy


Claire de Lune means moonlight,  and I play this in the evenings sometimes to wind down.   It’s the theme music to a perfect day.    I don’t ever have perfect days but sometimes I like to play this song and pretend.



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I will be adding more songs over time,  so be sure to check back.





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