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Not everything has to be gloom and doom when you have anxiety,  readers.  

Its okay to set aside your worries for a few minutes and allow yourself to feel good.   In fact,  Icup-1004269_640 think it’s very necessary and a great stress reliever.

Humor is one of the greatest tools in my anxiety toolbox.    I can’t imagine living this crazy life of mine without it.   I love laughing at myself or comedians or any humorous situations that I can relate to – and I encourage you to do the same.

I know when you are in the midst of a really bad anxiety cycle it can be hard to find something to laugh about so I have just decided to share a few of my favorite funny short videos from time to time,  thanks to YouTube,   and hopefully you will at least get a smile or two out of them!


1. – I now present to you the gift of laughter brought to you by Mr. Jim Gaffigan.    Forget your anxiety,  scroll down, click play and prepare to laugh.   I love this guy.


2. – More Jim Gaffigan –  I can’t help it.   Maybe its because he also has a ton of kids so I feel like we understand each other’s worlds.   Well, somewhat….I am missing out on understanding what its like to be rich and famous, but other than that, we are practically twins. 😉    My nephew and I literally laugh until we have tears streaming down our face when watching him.   We have such a good time watching his TV show and his comedy shows and YouTube videos.    They are an awesome anxiety distraction.


3 – Here is a “gotta share”  YouTube Video that always puts a smile on my face.    I have shared this video on Facebook, Twitter,  Google Plus….I  love it that much!


4 – My kids recommended this series of YouTube videos to me,  and I have to say they are right…….they definitely make me smile!    I won’t necessarily be testing anybody’s IQ here,   but Smilemakers aren’t supposed to make you think…they are supposed to STOP you from thinking!

Your mission is to watch this entire video without smiling one time!    I always lose before the game even starts,  but the way I see it, if you lose….you win!  


5 – Nothing makes me laugh more than watching other people in the same awkward situations I find myself in!   (Only if they are intending to be laughed at, of course.   I never find it funny unless the person I am laughing at is in on the joke.)     I think part of the reason I love anxiety humor is that I feel relief that I am not “the only one”,   and part of it is because its just plain funny.

I encourage everybody to try to find at least a little bit of humor in their anxiety situation,  no matter how severe it is.   Anxiety feels SO serious, but the truth is that it is 90% sheer absurdity and silliness,   and the more you open your conscious mind to that,  the more it allows your subconscious to catch on.     And once that starts to happen,  you will notice the that the “weight” of anxiety starts to feel less and less all the time.

If you feel you are able to laugh at your own anxiety a bit,   check this YouTube video out for some humor that you may be able to relate to!

I apologize for the curse word at the beginning.   Its the only one in the video.  


6 – The Evolution of Dance.   This is a classic.   I just sit and smile through the whole thing.


7 – Those of us with anxiety will totally “get” this video.  

Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand



8 – James Veitch – Scamalot:  Gold 

Have you ever had one of those emails from somebody who has the most amazing moneymaking deal in the world going, and all you have to do is send them a couple thousand dollars and you too can share in the bounty?   Well, James Veitch has, and he responded, and the result is one hilarious exchange of emails.


Thanks for checking out my Smilemakers!    If you know of any funny videos to add I would love to hear about them!

Have a great day.


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