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The beauty of confidence is that even if you don’t come by it naturally,  it is something you can talk and behave yourself into.

Simply by standing up straight, keeping your chin up and your chest slightly out, slowing down and relaxing your speech,  and thinking confident thoughts, you can instantly start to feel a bit more powerful and self assured for the short -term.  Try it for yourself and see.

Choosing these behaviors all the time, combined with repeating a daily confidence affirmation,  can completely change your thinking patterns for the long term and make you more self assured and give you an amazing positive belief in yourself.

I am not simply referring to confidence in who you are as a person.  I am also referring to confidence in your abilities.  Do you get nervous before public speaking or interviews?  Do you tend to fail tests that you know you should easily pass because you over-think or freeze up?  If so, then confidence affirmations are absolutely for you!   Just give me one week of believing you are a strong,  amazing,  bad ass individual that can handle anything, and then see how much different you feel at the end of that 7 days.    Tell yourself often how much you believe in yourself, and how filled with confidence you are and your subconscious will take that and run with it.

Lack of self confidence, whether its in your personality or your abilities – or both – is a huge contributor to anxiety symptoms.  Repeating this affirmation is a very simple, easy thing to do that can make a huge difference if you are consistent and don’t let any less than confident thoughts come in and take up residence.   They will come, but you be sure to shoo them right out.

In addition to this affirmation, you can help confidence along by repeating things like:

“No problem.”

“I can handle that.”

“I know what I am doing.” 

“That will be so easy.”

If you are like most people with anxiety, this will be a foreign language to your brain but don’t worry, it will catch on, and if you are consistent enough, it will become fluent in this new language before too long.

The more often you repeat and think confident thoughts, the faster it will happen.

Remember, confidence is rarely tense,  so say this affirmation calmly,  in a relaxed but strong way.  Say it like you mean it, even if you don’t.  Your goal is to convince your brain and subconscious that you mean every affirmation you say – that is how we re-wire things in that brain of yours and make amazing long term progress toward anxiety recovery and overall better mental health.




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