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The AffirNation is a community I have created to inspire and encourage you all to bring the power of positive thinking into your lives by using affirmations in an organized, consistent manner.   Every week I will be sharing a new affirmation on social media and discussing it here in a post at The Worry Games.  For more details, click  here. 

Having an anxiety disorder can make you doubt yourself in a million ways.  It can make you question your sanity, your intelligence, your reality, who you are, what you just said, what you believe.

It is important that you never let yourself play the doubting game.  It is one of the most common worry games around….one of the oldest in the book.   Our subconscious excels at it.   This doubting game is how your well-meaning subconscious keeps you in control and too afraid to let your guard down.   Allowing your anxiety to push  you into doubting yourself and your surroundings,  causing you to question your own judgment and doubting the safety of the world around you,  keeps you in victim mode, which is just how your subconscious likes you.

“Victim mode” keeps you aware of any and all  “danger” around you so that you are more likely to stay out of harms way.   But we don’t need constant doubt and worry to keep us in control and safe.  We don’t need to imprison ourselves in victim mode in order to keep threats at bay.   We can handle ourselves and the world around us just as we are,  all on our own if we simply develop some faith in ourselves and listen to what our inner voice is telling us.

I don’t care how bad your anxiety is.  I don’t care how weird your symptoms are, or what kind of thoughts run through your mind or how scared you are.   There is one thing you must always remember.

You are still you.

You have not lost your mind.   You have not lost your intelligence.  You have not lost your ability to use logic to decide what is a real threat to you and what isn’t.  You have not lost your ability to determine reality from fantasy.  You have not lost your common sense.    Your subconscious may have decided to shove all these things off to the side so that your imagination can have a larger stage, but you can pull them right back where they belong and start using them any time you want to.

You are in charge.   Trust in who you are.  Trust in what your gut is telling you.  Let your common sense be the one to decide what is real, what is threatening and what is worth spending your time and energy thinking about.



When anxiety is trying to tell you that 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4….when you are feeling sensations and having thoughts that don’t seem to be based on anything “real”,  chalk it up to brain junk and do your best to distract yourself from it and let it go.

Its not easy to do.  In fact it can feel damn near impossible.    Work with this affirmation every day to make it easier.  Its “Life Class” for your brain and subconscious.   They can’t learn what you aren’t doing and what you aren’t saying.   Teach them that that you are in control of your life and confident in who you are by repeating this as often as you can over the next week.


“I trust my common sense to guide me.”




AnnaLisa Scott


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