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Those of us with GAD and Panic Disorder don’t always have the best relationships with our brains.

We tend to see them as a little “faulty”, and we wonder why they can’t just be “normal” like everybody else’s brain. Well I am here to tell you that your brain IS normal.   YOU are normal.  You are intelligent, creative, imaginative, a deep thinker,  and your very AMAZING brain keeps up with all of that, while trying to fend off all the lions it thinks are waiting to eat you at night while you sleep.  Your brain is some kind of rock star and lasting anxiety recovery requires you to believe that with your whole heart. When my anxiety disorder first started, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I just knew I was down the rabbit hole and felt weak, mentally ill, and plain old defective.  Now 20 years later, it is clear to me that my brain is of superior quality.  Do you know what I have put it through in my life with my worrying,  and holding emotions in,  chronic obsessive tendencies,  and days of panic?   I have put my brain through the wringer and yet here I am at the age of 45,  pumping out several paragraphs a day here at my blog,  taking care of five kids who like to think they are smarter than me but I prove them wrong every day of their little lives,  having an amazing life while frequently cracking myself up with my witty sense of humor. (Even if I am the only one who think I am hilarious…but that is beside the point.)

I bow to the greatness that is my brain.

How did my relationship with my  brain change so much?

Affirmations. I repeated to myself every day that my brain was great, healthy, and strong,  and amazing.  And as I grew to start believing that, my anxiety symptoms started getting better, my confidence grew,  and my love for myself grew.    I can promise you that not one bad thing came from me telling myself my brain is amazing.

“My brain is amazing.”


I recommend you give it a try and see what it can do for you.




AnnaLisa Scott



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