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The AffirNation is a community I have created to inspire and encourage you all to bring the power of positive thinking into your lives by using affirmations in an organized, consistent manner. Every week I will be sharing a new affirmation on social media and discussing it here in a post at The Worry Games. For more details, click here.

Positive thinking doesn’t come naturally to most of us with anxiety disorders.

We aren’t ones to believe that everything is okay and life will somehow “work itself out” and lead us to our own happily ever after.   We just aren’t wired to think that way, especially when we are overly sensitized and in the middle of a bad anxiety spiral.

We have very strong survival instincts and we have the kind of minds that like to anticipate danger…plan and prepare for it…so when  it comes, we aren’t caught off guard.  We figure if the worst comes and we were EXPECTING it to come…that is half the battle won right there.  Of course,  deep down I think we all know that all of that is just nonsense and no false sense of self-control is going to make life’s great tragedies any easier for us to bear, but we still ride or die by that philosophy.   It’s all about trying to protect ourselves,  and it is certainly understandable considering the amount of tragedy that goes on in the world, some of which we have witnessed personally in our own lives and the lives of our loved ones.

The thing is, all of this negative thinking and planning and anticipating the worst can really add a whole lot of unnecessary drama to our lives, and health phobias are a good example of that.   Those of us with health phobias can spend so much time worrying about having some disease or another that it’s almost as if we might as well have the disease considering the amount of peace of mind we sacrifice worrying that we do. Such wasted energy, such wasted time on a vain attempt to stay one step ahead of something terrible happening.

We are much better off to accept that terrible things, including serious illnesses,  happen and to trust ourselves to let go, live life and handle them if and when they come instead of living our lives constantly scanning ourselves for signs of illness. But how do we do that?   In the absence of any obvious signs of illness or disease, how do we just “trust” that we are okay, and live our lives as healthy, care free people?    It can be extremely difficult to do as I am sure a lot of you know, when you live your life with the voice of anxiety inside your head constantly whispering to you “What if you have cancer?  What if something is wrong?  What was that sensation in the back of your head?”.  It seems there is always that whisper in our heads and when that isn’t there,  it is a general sense of “somewhere, something is wrong in our lives” that we are trying to find the source of, and since our bodies are always close by – we often start trying to find the source of our dread and apprehension there.

Simply telling ourselves we are healthy and fine and not to worry about our health doesn’t work.

We all know how that goes.   We say those words to ourselves a few times, and then still fear the urge to worry so we chuck those positive thoughts out the window and start obsessing again.  The idea of letting go and accepting and  being grateful for our good health is very foreign to us.  It’s as if our brains just don’t let those thoughts in.  But that is the great thing about affirmations.  We don’t have to believe them.  And our brains don’t have to open the door all the way to let them in.  Affirmations are little seeds that don’t need much room at all to get in our head and take root.  All they need,  is to be said and repeated on a regular basis without expectation of any immediate result at all.  Throw in a titch of  “pretending” as though you already believe them,   and then eventually they take off on their own and you really DO start to believe them.

Affirmations are like those climbing vines you see on brick houses.   They take over without you even realizing it.  Look at all the negative affirmations you have been telling yourself over the years. They filled your head without you even being aware of it!   The good news is that you can take the mental weed whacker in there and get rid of those thought weeds and replace them with something much better!

Just introducing the idea that you are healthy to your brain and subconscious is enough to make amazing things happen. Once you make that introduction, and then bring the idea back around on a regular basis for a time,  eventually the idea becomes known as a “friend” and your brain doesn’t fight it. It sees that idea as normal and allows you to create  all kinds of comfortable thoughts and beliefs around that idea.   “My body is healthy.”  becomes,  “Well yeah, of course my body is healthy. Why wouldn’t it be?”

Affirmations take different time to sink in for different people, but if you are consistent, they WILL sink in for you.  But you have to be convincing, so don’t forget to say them as if you already believe them.  Embrace your affirmations and soon your subconscious will embrace them and they won’t be “affirmations” any more.  They will be beliefs.  They will be you.

“My body is healthy.”




AnnaLisa Scott


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