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The AffirNation is a community I have created to inspire and encourage you all to bring the power of positive thinking into your lives by using affirmations in an organized, consistent manner.   Every week I will be sharing a new affirmation on social media and discussing it here in a post at The Worry Games.  For more details, click  here.

I live with an anxiety disorder and I have spent my life with many fears and phobias.  I have far more than the average person does and that is because my survival instincts are so strong.

I am naturally wired to be afraid.   I want to live. I like to live.  I want to live as long as possible and so far fear seems to have worked out pretty well for me in that regard. I have never broken a bone. I have never had a serious accident.  I am a cautious person and I have quite happily embraced that mentality my entire life.

However, my fearful personality does have some drawbacks.  It tends to spill over into areas of my life where it isn’t needed and it makes life really challenging sometimes.  Simple things like meeting people, going on job interviews, making phone calls, going to the dentist for a filling, driving by myself in new places,  keeping social engagements with friends, thunderstorms…..all of these things get big, dramatic, fearful reactions from me.  I am sensitive and when I am facing any of these situations, it sets off my alarms and causes me to go into my shell and straight into “Fear Mode”.  I get panicky,  my face gets flushed, I start hyperventilating.

Yes, just making a phone call can make some people hyperventilate.

We can’t change who we are, but we can put an effort into lowering our response to stressful, fear-inducing situations and practicing affirmations is one way to do this.

Bravery cannot grow all on its own. Courage cannot grow on its own.

And our sensitivity level cannot be decreased all on its own. There has to be some fuel there that stimulates these changes and that is what affirmations are for.   Every time you repeat to yourself “I am not afraid.”,  your brain and subconscious become a little more comfortable with the idea,  and while the steps you take may be minuscule in size,  over time they result in big changes.

Fear is nothing more than your brain and subconscious looking out for you.  It’s just an alarm system with a sensitivity level that is determined by your thoughts and feelings.  Just by telling yourself repeatedly and with conviction that you are not afraid, eventually you can lower those alarms enough to be able to expand your world and do more things comfortably .  You certainly have nothing to lose by trying!

Repeat this to yourself for at least ten minutes a day this week.  In addition, repeat it anytime you are feeling panicky or overwhelmed.

Your brain does not need to hear “I am so scared!”  You have been sending that message a long time and look where it has taken you.   Straight to an anxiety disorder.  Try a new message and see what happens.

“I am not afraid.”




AnnaLisa Scott


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