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The AffirNation is a community I have created to inspire and encourage you all to bring the power of positive thinking into your lives by using affirmations in an organized, consistent manner.   Every week I will be sharing a new affirmation on social media and discussing it here in a post at The Worry Games.  For more details, click  here. 

Nobody knows more than I the effect that tension can have on the body.

Muscle aches, back pain,  joint pain,  fatigue, TMJ,   and extensive (and expensive) dental work due to fractures in teeth from clenching – these are all issues I have lived with in the past or currently live with due to chronic muscle tension.

And then there are the effects that tension has on your mental health: it is a big contributor to symptoms of anxiety.  Tense muscles signal to your brain that something is threatening in your world and this keeps you more alert, with more adrenaline flowing through you, and it makes it very difficult to relax and “let go”.

As you say this week’s affirmation,  I want you to take deep breaths and let your muscles completely melt with every exhalation.   Relaxation is a habit we have to create, not something we can just start “doing”.    This is a good affirmation to put on sticky notes throughout your house so that you have constant reminders to not only repeat it, but also to check your tension level and make sure that your shoulders are low, face and jaw are not tense, and limbs and back are relaxed.

As you go about your day, the only muscles that should be at all tense are you core abdominal muscles.

We should keep our core muscles slightly pulled in and taut in order to help us stand up straight,  balance our body weight properly which helps our backs, and to contribute to a more confident appearance.   Other than those core muscles, everything else should be nice and loose.

Calm muscles tell your brain you are relaxed.  When you are relaxed, your brain will relax.  The more often you are relaxed, the more your brain starts to trust your environment and it will then turn your alarms down and make you feel less anxious.

When it comes to anxiety and its relationship to your body and mind…its very simple.   Every thought you have…every move you make.. will cause your brain to produce a corresponding reaction.    I know anxiety feels very nonsensical but it actually makes perfect sense.  If you want your brain to stay calm,  you have to make it believe you are calm,  and few things say that to your brain more than relaxed body language.


“I keep my muscles loose and relaxed at all times.”




AnnaLisa Scott


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