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Positive affirmations have played such a huge role in my life, both with my anxiety recovery as well as my growth into the confident person that I am today.

I want to encourage others to bring the power of positive thinking and affirmations into their lives and this is why I have created


The AffirNation.  


The AffirNation for all of you out there who want to feel good about yourselves.

It’s for those who want to feel strong but don’t.

It’s for those who could use some encouragement and support.

It’s for those who want to feel loved and worthy  of love.

It’s for those who want to feel capable and in control of their lives but are so overwhelmed by day to day stress that they have no idea where to begin.

I will tell you where to begin:  The AffirNation.

Becoming a part of The AffirNation is the first step on the journey to an emotionally healthier and stronger you and it is the easiest thing in the world to do.  You just make a commitment to do your best to not allow unkind thoughts about yourself into your headspace again,  and to make affirmations a part of your daily life.   That’s it.

Positive affirmations are the little thought seeds that you plant in your mind to help you grow into the person you want to be.    I will give you a new thought seed every week,  and your job is simply to water each seed with repetition and consistency and conviction.    Just spending ten minutes a day tending to these thought seeds can give you amazing results.   I am proof of it.

I used to be an insecure, shy person who didn’t feel worthy of anybody’s love and support.

Now,  after spending years repeating kind, empowering statements about myself,  TO  myself,  and being mindful of what kind of thoughts I allow into my head,  I am a confident person who  knows who she is and I am at the best place in my life that I have ever been.

I think I am amazing now!   Years ago, I didn’t think people were even allowed  to think they were amazing.   I thought people who thought that way were boastful people who had huge egos – NOT a good thing.

Now that makes me laugh because I have become the “Self-Love” queen!  I have been in a mad love affair with myself for a long time and I don’t care who thinks I have a “big ego”.  I am PROUD to have a good,  strong ego and high opinion of myself.  I worked my butt off for it!

It is not that I didn’t think I was amazing before.  It’s that I never allowed myself to consider that being amazing was a possibility.    A lot of us out there are born negative thinkers,  and when given a choice we will always lean toward the negative.  The negative is what feels comfortable to us.   The “worst” is what feels right.  So we automatically assume the worst about ourselves without having valid reasons for it.   The AffirNation can help “normalize” positive thinking.  It can help bring positive thoughts and beliefs into your comfort zone.   Once that happens, a whole new world opens up, readers!

There are also those who truly DO believe the worst about themselves.  Whether they grew up believing they are “bad” or “weak” people, or whether somebody else in their lives has caused them to feel that way,  there are those who won’t even entertain the idea that they deserve love or have anything positive to offer the world.    Along with seeking professional support, I encourage those people to join The AffirNation and make a commitment to self-love, self empowerment, and self-confidence.     You are not obligated to believe what you are telling yourself when you say your positive affirmations.  You are only obligated (to yourself)  to open the window in your mind a little bit,  to let some fresh air blow these new thought ideas around with the hopes that they will take root and grow into something beautiful!

I can guarantee you that you have absolutely nothing to lose by spending ten minutes a day saying kind things to yourself.

Very few things in this world have no bad side effects.  But self-love and self- respect make that list.

Every Friday I will be posting a new affirmation here, on Twitter,  my Facebook and Instagram.    After reading each affirmation,  take a moment and think about what that affirmation means to you, and then write it down and repeat it to yourself as often as possible throughout the day.    Also try to set aside at least ten minutes a night to work with each affirmation whether it is by journaling about it,  doing “mirror work”,  or simply repeating it to yourself in a quiet setting.     I will be sharing tips on social throughout the week on some different ways to work with each affirmation as well as other positive thinking-related fun stuff.

Just ten minutes minimum a day with each affirmation – that is all it takes – if you make the most of that ten minutes.   Always say your affirmations as if you believe them, even if you don’t.  Say them with confidence and conviction and when the negative, doubting thoughts creep into your mind to tell you that your affirmation is NOT true, you simply say out loud or to yourself  “No.  I DO believe what I am telling myself.  I AM worthy.  I AM strong.  I KNOW it. “,  and then continue repeating your affirmation.

The negative thoughts WILL come.   Simply speak against them and carry on with your positive thoughts and if you need

Affirmations will not change your life over night.  They take time to grow into something truly life changing.   But if you put the effort it,  you WILL reap the rewards.  Slowly.. over time… you will notice how you are changing and growing.  It is such a great feeling and it is one that I want every single one of my readers to experience for themselves.

I hope you decide to join me and the rest of The AffirNation and give yourself a chance to wake up to how amazing and strong you really are.




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