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The Worry Games is an ambassador for MONQ Portable Aromatherapy Diffusers.

MONQ Diffusers are the only product with mood-enhancing claims that is promoted by The Worry Games.

I am a big believer in looking inward to find the answers to Social Anxiety, GAD, Panic Disorder and obsessive worry.  Everybody should go with what works for them, but I personally prefer a positive-thinking based approach that involves slowing down your lifestyle and developing a stronger trust in your ability to handle a crisis.  However, we can all use a little help from time to time.   Rather than use prescription medication to help me find calm when I really need that extra help,  I prefer to stick with a more natural approach, using herbal teas and MONQ Aromatherapy Diffusers.

For those new to aromatherapy,  it involves using essential oils to stimulate the olfactory glands in our nose to promote certain types of good moods.   Our sense of smell has a wonderful link to the “feel good” part of our brain as we all know by walking in a kitchen smelling baked goods or breathing in scented candles, and MONQ allows us to use this amazing part of our biology in a quick, modern, convenient way.

MONQ has created 10 different essential oil blends and placed them in easy to use portable diffusers that are about the size of a pen – small enough to take just about anywhere.  You can travel with them, take them to the grocery store, to a public engagement, or even just use them at home to unwind at the end of a stressful day.

To use MONQ,  you just pop the top off of the canister, take out the device, place it to your lips and draw in briefly as if drinking from a straw.   This brings warm vapor into your mouth that you will hold there for just a few moments and then exhale it out your nose.   A few moments later, you should start feeling the effects of the oils and the intended mood should start to come over you.   The effect is not strong…it is actually quite subtle, however it is very nice.

MONQ does not contain any artificial chemicals or additives.  It does not get you “high”, although it does enhance your mood, depending on the blend you choose,  and MONQ has a lot of great information about the safety of their  product on their website for those who are health conscious or not comfortable trying new products.

I live with social anxiety and I love taking MONQ with me wherever I go.

Zen is the blend I use the most because I feel it gives me the most calming benefits.   I use Zen  to enhance my Yoga or meditation,  and I even use it at bedtime to help me drift off to sleep.  Happy MONQ is also a popular blend with my readers, with many of them telling me that it elevates their mood and gives them a sense of bliss.  MONQ has become a part of my every day life, just like my teas are, and I am very glad to have it as part of my anxiety toolbox.  If you are interested in natural ways to manage anxiety or boost your mood,  you may want to give MONQ a try.    If you try it and you don’t get the effect you are looking for, you can send it back for a replacement or a refund.

The MONQ staff is very friendly and helpful, and genuinely wants to help you have a great experience with their product.   Their website contains a blog with helpful wellness posts and the founder of MONQ,  Dr. Eric Fishman, also known as Dr.  MONQ,  has a B.S. in Biology and is also a medical doctor who has a vast knowledge of essential oils and the best way to use them to get a desired effect.   It was his dream to combine the therapies of the past with the technologies of today,  and that concept led to the MONQ being born.  In the few years since  MONQ was developed, it has taken off in popularity and it has been used by thousands of repeat customers to help them achieve a calmer, or happier, or more energetic, or sleepier state of mind.

For more information on MONQ and all their blends,  visit their website or feel free to contact me with any questions.     If you use my links then MONQ will give you 10% off  your purchase.

Sending you best wishes on your journey to better mental well-being.






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