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My Review of Focus@Will

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For my latest review,   I chose Focus@Will   which is a music streaming service with a specific focus on helping you increase concentration and productivity in your work and/or study life.

I had read a little bit about Focus@Will  on social media and saw that they offered a 15 day freeReview Focus At will trial period so I thought I would give it a go and see what it was all about.

Having never used a music streaming service before,  I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to their website.   I read some of their information pages and was intrigued when I read that Focus@Will  plays instrumental songs that will  “soothe the part of your brain, the limbic system, that is always on the lookout for danger, food, sex or shiny things”.    If there is any group of people who need their limbic system soothed,   it is those of us with anxiety disorders,  so I thought perhaps this could be useful as an overall calming tool and not just as a concentration enhancer.    That made me really eager to get started and I prepared for a big long form to fill out to get my free trial going,  but it was really amazingly easy to sign up for it.    I entered my email address and that was it.    Within seconds there was classical music coming from my computer that was nothing short of gorgeous.

I was immediately taken aback by the quality of the music I was hearing and the beautiful graphic on my computer screen.   Tears came to my eyes immediately…it was that beautiful.   I know that probably sounds pretty melodramatic and over the top but if you knew me in real life you would understand.   I am very sensitive and I react to beautiful things in a very emotional way,  and that is the reaction this music gave me.   I was really impressed.   As I said before,  I wasn’t sure what to expect,  but I certainly wasn’t expecting that kind of quality in the sound and the overall  “packaging”.

Since I love classical music I played around with that  “channel”  for a while and loved how easy it was to choose different songs and change the energy level of what I was hearing to create the kind of atmosphere and focus/concentration level I was looking for.     I probably sat there and listened for 2 or 3 hours while I was blogging and cleaning my desk off and it was really nice and relaxing.    It was enjoyable,  which is not something I say about blogging too often because even though I love it in the broader sense,  it can be a little mentally exhausting at times.   I didn’t feel that exhaustion this time though and I think the music was why.   I would definitely say that it helped my productivity and focus.

I also used Focus@Will as general background music – again the Classical channel – while I cooked and did chores around the house and it helped create a nice,  pleasant atmosphere.   I noticed that it made everybody talk in a quieter voice which was nice.   I have five kids and meal time is usually crazy time at my house,   and while they still talked just as much…they weren’t quite as “wild” as they usually are so that was definitely a plus.

Aside from the classical music, there are also other  instrumental  “channels”  to choose from such as “Cinematic” and “Focus Spa”.    One of my favorite channels is actually the “Cafe Focus Beta”  channel ……which is simply background chatter from a cafe.    It’s hard to explain why I like this channel so much.     I think maybe its because I am an introvert and I don’t like being around people,   and this made me feel less lonely and like I was surrounded by people,  while at the same time not having to sit around and talk to anybody.   If you are an introvert,  I think you will understand what I mean.   It was comforting.  I liked it.

For the sake of this review,   I wanted to try out Focus@Will with my kids who need some major help in the focus department.   I had my two older kids who are 13 and 9 come play cards while I played the cafe chatter in the background, and it was actually pretty fun.   Normally they can last about 15 minutes before they get in a fight and one gets up and leaves,  but they sat there for about an hour laughing and playing and it really did feel like they were in a coffee house somewhere surrounded by a large group of people.   It really enhanced their experience I think,   and it was fun for me to watch them.    They both give this service a thumbs up although they were not huge fans of the Classical music channel.    But  I think it helped calm them a bit without them even realizing it so that makes me love it even more than I already did.

My 7 year old however,  enjoyed the instrumental music.   He has the attention span of a 2 month old puppy and I played the classical music for him on a low energy setting while he did his homework,  and I think it made a difference.   He still got up every 10 minutes to come ask me something as he always does,  but he said doing his homework  “didn’t hurt his brain as much”  as it usually does.   It was the sweetest thing when I came upstairs a few days later to clean up after him after he had come downstairs and told me he was done with his homework,  and I saw that he had turned on the Focus@Will to do his work by.    He had turned it on all by himself without me telling him to.   It made me smile.

Overall,   I have found Focus@Will  to be a really nice addition to my household.    I love it for the quality of the sound,  the change in vibe that it gave my home depending on the channel I had playing,  and for the fact that I really think it helped both me and my kids keep our mental energy up and concentration focused when engaging in activities that required it.

I recommend you give the free trial a go and see for yourself what you think.    If you decide to subscribe to the service it is $11.83 a month for the monthly plan.  Additional pricing plans are available with longer terms and there is a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

To find more information and/or get your free trial click here.

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