The AffirNation N° 16 – I Understand That Not Every Thought I Have is Meant to be Taken Seriously

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The mind is a 24 hour shop that never closes and sometimes we have thoughts that just “are”.     They have no logic or meaning behind them whatsoever.

These thoughts can range from silly and nonsensical, to bizarre –  and even disturbing.  There is no “boundary” to the types of thoughts that can pop in and out of our heads at any given time.  It is important to trust your judgement, listen to your logic and accept these thoughts for what they are:  just little bits of “brain junk”.

Do not give these thoughts more attention than they deserve.  Do not waste your time engaging these thoughts, or trying to make sense of them.

Remind yourself to only give attention to thoughts that makes sense and are rooted in some sort of reality or facts.   Deep down, you DO know the difference between FEARS and BELIEFS.  You understand that thoughts are not the same as “voices” and that simply thinking about something does not make it true.   THAT is what you need to remind yourself of when those bizarre or unusual thoughts are pumping out of your tired mind.


“I understand that not every thought I have is meant to be taken seriously.” 




AnnaLisa Scott

The Worry Games
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