Can’t Sleep? Try These Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

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You turn out the lights. You lay back on your pillow. You close your eyes. And then it starts. Your brain kicks into high gear, and your anxiety comes out to play.

Insomnia and anxiety are frequently reported together. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 54% of adults with anxiety said that they were stressed about falling asleep at night. A further 52% of men and 42% of women with anxiety said that a lack of sleep affected their performances the next day. Sleep disorders and anxiety are so interlinked, that scientists often compare the two to the chicken and the egg.

Sleep disorders can cause anxiety, and anxiety can cause sleep disorders. For many, when they ask their doctors for advice on how to fall asleep fast, the answer is often medication-based. This can lead to an unhealthy dependence on sleeping pills, that may come with unpleasant side effects.

If you’re struggling with falling asleep, there are holistic alternatives to sleeping pills.  I have previously shared some of my favorite tips to fall asleep naturally,  and now want to share these 20 science-approved tricks, courtesy of Drömma Bed. Even if you have been prescribed a sleeping aid to help with your anxiety, try using these natural sleep tricks as often as possible to avoid building an immunity to your prescription.

how to fall asleep fast

What are your best tips for beating anxiety at bedtime?   Share them in the comments!

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AnnaLisa Scott
AnnaLisa Scott is a full time blogger living successfully with GAD and OCD, who is passionate about helping people change their relationship with anxiety. has helped thousands of people see their anxiety disorders in a new light and manage their symptoms through self empowerment, self care, and other natural methods.

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Quirky Girl

I love my essential oil diffuser! I add a few drops of lavender into it before I go to bed, and I instantly feel more calm and relaxed.

Aaron J Kelley

I use a five minute journal to jot down some positives from my day. I also note something that I want to do better the next day. This helps me clear my mind a bit.

Then If I’m having trouble sleeping I reach for some Sleepytime, chamomile, or peppermint tea and a book. The tea helps relax me and the book does two things. It keeps my mind from spiraling into anxious thoughts and helps make my eyes tired so that I want to close them. I usually drift off to sleep pretty quickly after a few pages.


I believe we need to educate more men and women about the thyroid and how it can cause sleep-deprivation (insomnia) issues.

The Worry Games
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