MONQ’s “Feel Nature” – Experiencing Forest Therapy Through Aromatherapy

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MONQ Feel Nature MountainMONQ Therapeutic Air diffusers are one of my favorite ways to cope with stress and anxiety and “enhance” my mood in a natural way.

So I was excited to hear that MONQ had launched a new line of diffusers called Feel Nature.  


Feel Nature MONQ Mountain Review


This new line consists of three blends,  Forest, Ocean, and Mountain.

MONQ’s original line of essential oil diffuser pens was created to capture a feeling such as calm or energy.   This time around  MONQ  is not only inspiring some amazing feelings,  but they want to transport you to another place as well.

MONQ’s Feel Nature line is inspired by the Japanese art of Forest Therapy,  which is MONQ Mountain Feel Naturean ancient practice of using wooded areas  and other natural environments to promote health and well-being through organic compounds called terpenes that are released by plants.   MONQ’s designers created three essential oil blends to bring you all the benefits of terpenes,  blended into a wonderful aroma specifically designed to give you the sense of being free in the outdoors.

I think this line will be especially great for those living in the city,  away from nature,   or those who just can’t get outside because they have to work all day.   A few puffs from one of these all natural diffusers can help bring that feeling to you, no matter where you are.

Feel Nature MONQ Mountain Review

I was able to sample the blends before their release and while there are things about them all that I like, Mountain is by far my favorite and I wanted to write a quick little review for you and share the things that I love about it.

The Scent

For starters,   it smells amazing.

It contains lemon,  peppermint,  cypress leaf,  thyme,  douglas fir,  scotch pine andMONQ Feel Nature Review juniper leaf.   It has just a hint of the pine and peppermint,  with the lemon and juniper standing out a bit more,  in my opinion.

As I mentioned before,  this line is all about giving you that sensation of being free in nature. According to MONQ’s website,  Mountain was designed to give a sense of strength and awe that can only come from being in the mountains and I can definitely pick up that vibe from it.

The Mood

If I had to pick an overall mood that this blend inspires,  it is definitely  relaxation.   Not groggy relaxation….but peaceful relaxation. 

When I first tried MONQ’s Zen blend,   I was expecting  to be relaxed because it is marketed for that purpose.   When I first tried Mountain,  I was just expecting it to have that “freshness” you would expect from a pine and peppermint blend.   However,  after a few puffs,  I realized I was feeling really good…very relaxed and calm.   I took note of that feeling and sure enough,   it was the same way every time I used it.

Nothing could ever replace Zen in my heart because I love the soothing sense of nostalgia it gives me,  but when it comes to a blend that helps me relax and unwind,  Mountain is right at the top of my list.


MONQ Forest Therapy  will also be continuing its  original line of 7 blends:  Sleepy,  Zen,  Vibrant,  Healthy,  Active,  Sexy,  and Happy .

If you are new to aromatherapy and/or  would like some more specific information on these cool little devices,  check out my review of the Zen blend.

If you decide to check out the Feel Nature line for yourself, promo code TWG10  at checkout will give you 10% off your purchase.

Thanks for stopping by and no worries.



AnnaLisa Scott


AnnaLisa Scott
AnnaLisa Scott is a full time blogger living successfully with GAD and OCD, who is passionate about helping people change their relationship with anxiety. has helped thousands of people see their anxiety disorders in a new light and manage their symptoms through self empowerment, self care, and other natural methods.

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Have you tried ocean? What are your thoughts on that one?


Thank you so much for your help AnnaLisa!!


Hi again AnnaLisa, I thought that I had posted a new comment but maybe not. I was wondering your thoughts on the Healthy, Sexy and Forest blends? I know they all have different purposes but I’m just wondering of those 3 which ones you liked most or thought were most effective.


Hi again AnnaLisa, I’m just wondering, if you had to choose between Healthy and Sexy which one did you like or found to be a more effective blend? Thanks so much!


Hi AnnaLisa, I’m just wondering, have you tried all MONQ blends? I’m trying to gather information on which 7 blends people like best out of the total 10. Input from you would be really appreciated!

Leyla Garza

Great post 🙂

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